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Press Release: Olson Technology, Inc Introduces the Advanced L-Band Transport System
State-of-the-art engineering meets or exceeds stringent Satellite Industry performance requirements
Sierra Village, CA, December 2007 - Olson Technology, Inc. has designed the Model OTL-4000 Advanced L-Band Transport System for world-class Teleport operators. While optimized for L-Band transmission, the OTL-4000 system also transports the entire IF band (10 - 200 MHz), the CATV and QAM bands (50-1,000 MHz), the entire L-Band frequency range (950 - 2,250 MHz), and the entire S-Band (2,000 MHz to 4,000 MHz) as well.  Advanced L-Band Transport System

Advanced L-Band Transport System

This highly flexible satellite transport link offers a feature rich, rugged family of units that mix-and-match on a 2RU mounting plate for installation in a 19" 1RU rack. A total of five transmitters and/or receivers and one power supply allow the user to configure a precise L-Band transport system that can handle 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM, or DWDM configurations. In addition to powering five units, the OTAPS-4000 power supply also features user-programmable LNB voltages and 22kHz tones to set the proper LNB configuration. The transmitters and receivers include a number of test points, alarms, and indicator LEDs, which greatly simplify installation and ongoing maintenance.

About Olson:
Olson Technology, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of fiber optic transport equipment for a variety of private and public network applications. Olson Technology, Inc.'s core competence focuses on optical transport of CATV and L-Band signals as well as a variety of headend and optical products. Product solutions include Satellite L-Band and IF, Wireless and Mobile Communications, and CATV video distribution for Private Networks and Educational Distance Learning applications. Olson is continually developing new products and strives to incorporate the latest technology into its offering. Our goal is to provide our customers the best performance for the lowest possible cost. Call Olson Technology, Inc. at 800-545-1022 to learn more about our new
Advanced L-Band Transport System.

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