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Press Release: Advanced CATV Mini-Node Integrates Return Path Transmitter
Olson Technology, Inc. expands line of fiber optic CATV links
Sierra Village, CA, October 2007 - Olson Technology, Inc. announces the release of the Model OTPN-MDN-870, Advanced CATV Mini-Node. Ideal for high performance broadband CATV applications, the OTPN-MDN-870 Mini-Node has an exceptionally wide optical input range of -8 to +4.5dBm and a high RF output (+38dBm per channel). The link will accommodate up to 110 CATV channels.  Model OTPN-MDN0870 CATV Mini-Node Receiver

Model OTPN-MDN-870 CATV Mini-Node Receiver

The compact optical node receiver can be ordered to include an integral return path transmitter with 1310nm, 1550nm and CWDM wavelength options. SC/APC optical connectors are standard; FC/APC connectors may also be ordered. Advanced design features include a digitally adjustable attenuator and equalizer, eliminating the need to open the unit and exchange PADS and EQs. The built-in digital optical input power meter includes a top LCD display, making setup and operation quick and simple. Digital controls, used with the LCD display, allow the user to adjust tilt and RF output levels to assure quality of service. When used with Olson's Model OOT-870 CATV transmitter, the Model OTPN-MDN-870 Advanced CATV Mini-Node creates a high performance, cost effective CATV fiber optic distribution system.

About Olson:
Olson Technology, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of fiber optic transport equipment for a variety of private and public network applications. Olson Technology, Inc.'s core competence focuses on optical transport of CATV and L-Band signals as well as a variety of headend and optical products. Product solutions include Satellite L-Band and IF, Wireless and Mobile Communications, and CATV video distribution for Private Networks and Educational Distance Learning applications. Olson is continually developing new products and strives to incorporate the latest technology into its offering. Our goal is to provide our customers the best performance for the lowest possible cost. Call Olson Technology, Inc. at 800-545-1022 to learn more about our
Model OTPN-MDN-870 CATV Mini-Node Receiver.

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